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2020 - What a year!

2020 - What a year!

Well it's November now and instead of looking back at the past year and how horrible is was, I want to look forward to 2021.  As horrible as 2020 was, let's all hope that the new year is better.  

What do we have planned for 2021?  With cruising slowly restarting, we are hopeful that we will be able to cruise on our first cruises for 2021 in January.  We have our annual Anniversary cruises booked for January 15th and January 20th on the beautiful NCL Jade.  They are in danger of being cancelled since the second cruise is 12 days and the CDC has stated that no cruises over 7 days right now.  So we shall see.

Our plans for 2021 also include adding new products and designs.  We are constantly working on updating our inventory and bringing new product designs to our existing products.  We are also planning on adding videos to our products so you can see them in use.

At this time, we have 3 different cruises scheduled for 2021.  We are planning massive promotions and giveaways for each cruise.  

You may wonder what we actually do on our cruises.  Well, besides relaxing and spending time with each other we also promote our products, take new photos and now new videos.

For example, on embarkation day we generally have two promotional giveaways.  These are organized through the Facebook Group page for the cruise and through the Cruise Critic roll call.  We do not actively advertise or promote the giveaway on the ship as this would violate their rules but are respectful and discreet.

On our last cruise - way back in January 2020 - we lounged by the pool with a bag of our decorated "Bottle Sleeves".  We told our group members on Facebook and Cruise Critic how to locate us and to just stop by, say Hi and get a free Bottle Sleeve.  We gave away over 50 bottle sleeves in 3 hours.

We also organize sail away parties for our groups and have door sashes for everyone!

During the cruise, we also like to organize Meet & Greets where we have free raffles for a lot of our products ranging from tote bags, door banners, key card holders and our Towel Anchors.  Hopefully we can continue with the Meet & Greets in 2021, but with social distancing now I am not hopeful.

We also randomly place Bon Voyage door sashes on cabin doors just to add a little fun and some cruising spirit through out the ship.  Back in January, we placed about 30 door sashes on random doors.  While we were in Honduras at a beach, an older couple saw our Premier Cruise Gear shirts and asked if we were the ones who put the door sash on their door.  Of course we said yes and they told us how delighted they were to receive one and that they loved it!  It put a smile on our face to know that we helped brighten someone's day and cruise.

That's just a small sample of what we do on cruises.  Of course we also hang out by the pool, go into the ports, play at the casino and eat way too much!   So the next time you are on a cruise and see someone wearing a Premier Cruise Gear shirt, say hello!   We just might have a surprise for you!

We all miss cruising and hopefully we will all be back on a ship soon.  Until then, stay safe and healthy!

2nd Nov 2020 Karen

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