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Cabin Door Decorations

Cabin Door Decorations

To decorate your cabin door or not?

Let me start with saying that we have not received or read any "official" notifications from any cruise line regarding door decorations, with the exception of Carnival regarding fire retardant items.

So the question is: why decorate your cabin door?

You could ask 100 people this question and get about 100 reasons why or why not.  For me personally, I like to decorate our cabin door with a banner and/or magnet mainly to find the cabin easier.

As new and bigger ships come out, the number of cabins increase.  Trying to find your cabin at midnight after more than enough cocktails can be daunting.  Even during the day, all of the doors look alike.  Granted, I have heard "that is what the cabin number is for" more than a couple of times.  However, having a simple door banner just makes it easier.

We have seen some outrageous door decorations through out the years.  From a simple magnet to full door decorations, blow up animals, netting and more.  For my taste though, I prefer one or two banners.

One of our most asked question is:  are your door banners and magnets fire retardant?  Simply answer - no, they are not technically fire retardant.

Carnival Cruise Line states on their website that all door decorations must be fire retardant.  Now I understand that fire is the worst accident that can happen on a ship and see their need for fire retardant decorations.  With that said, we have been on numerous Carnival ships and have proudly displayed our banners and magnets.  We have never had a crew member take down or question us about the decorations.  We have had numerous positive comments from Carnival crew members and the ship's officers about our decorations and how much they liked them.

We had several crew members take photos of us next to our door to show the other crew members.  Through out the week we would get stopped by crew members who recognized us by the photo and comment on how much they liked our magnet.  I wished I had gotten a copy of that photo...but maybe next time.

So, while we have never had an issue with our door decorations on any Carnival ship, we can not guarantee that Carnival will not ask you to take yours down on your next cruise.  If they do, just comply and put it on the back of the door.

So, back to the question...why decorate?  My answer?  Why not?  Birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, retirement and so much more are perfect for celebrating.  So whether you purchase a banner/magnet from us or make your own decorations, show off your cruising spirit!  It will make you smile every time you go back to your cabin!  

14th Nov 2019 Karen

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